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New collections Part 2: Van Heusen, Sisley, Mango (with summer trend quotient)

March 28, 2012

More Spring/ Summer 2012 collections. Enjoy!

Van Heusen

For men, it’s the revival of the mod subculture of the 1960s- bringing bohemian sophistication to corporate wear.

Summer trend quotient: 6.5/10

Van Heusen SS 2012

The casual line (Van Heusen Sport) blends classic American sport fashion with Italian aesthetics. Don’t miss the blazers!

Summer trend quotient: 8/10 (shorts, light blazers)

Van Heusen SS 2012

The Van Heusen Woman collection is has flattering silhouettes and modest colours. Key colours are whites with shades of nude, while trends include crochet and laces along with colour blocking.

Summer trend quotient: 6/10 (colour blocking is hot!)

Van Heusen SS 2012


The three looks for women at Sisley (Bianca J, Ethereal Feminity and Earth Pulse) have the Seventies as a vague influence. Bianca J is masculine while being sexy, and Ethereal Feminity is highlighted by sheer fabrics, florals, frills, soft cuts and pastel shades.

Summer trend quotient: 7/10

Sisley Woman SS 2012

Sisley Woman SS 2012

For men, there’s the Architectural Man with a classical dress sense, and the Formal Rebel who mixes casual separates with sophistication (think pop-art tee paired with a destructured blazer). For the Urban Mobility look, it’s all about functionality and tech- 3D seams, pockets and little compartments for iPods, mobile phones, earphones and so on.

Summer trend quotient: 8/10

Sisley Man SS 2012

Sisley Man SS 2012


It’s about neutrals, pastels and relaxed styles!

Summer trend quotient: 8.5/10

Mango SS 2012 Volare amarilla

Mango SS 2012 Silver

Where are you shopping this summer?

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